Fighting PragerU from the left – on its own turf

We're a crowd-funded organization creating short videos to combat right-wing disinformation and bring left ideas to new audiences.

How to Defeat PragerU

There's a big problem on the internet: right-wing groups like PragerU pour lies and disinformation into the feeds of every American. H Jon Benjamin (of Bob's Burgers and Archer) explains how The Gravel Institute is fighting back.
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Capitalism vs. Freedom

To many, capitalism is synonymous with freedom. Other systems, we're told, can only exist as undemocratic bureaucracies.

But what if that’s not true? Zephyr Teachout sets the record straight.
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Is Big Government Really the Problem?

Despite lower government spending than many peer nations, America is less prosperous and less free. Briahna Joy Gray explains how the government isn't bad because it's big, it's bad because it's bought.
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The Leisure Agenda

Americans are some of the most over-worked and under-payed workers in the developed world.

A Gravel Institute/People's Policy Project paper on giving them a break.
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